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Bali - Tropical Explorations, Part II

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

By Annie Bowler, Vol 9: November 21, 2023

Bali, Bali, Bali! We enjoyed last week of our Southeast Asia trip on this amazing

Indonesian island. Why does Bali have such a special place in my heart? The Balinese people are the kindest, gentlest folks I’ve ever encountered. They clearly have their own, very deep spiritual beliefs, (most are Hindu) but they seem to cast no judgement on those that don’t share their beliefs. The Balinese Hindus place simple yet beautiful offerings in front of businesses, guests’ rooms, and on their ancestors graves every morning to bring blessings but they aren’t bothered when a dog, a monkey, or a clueless tourist inevitably eats or tromps on their offering. To them, it’s the act of making the offering that’s important; once the offering is complete, they let it go.

Monkeys helping themselves to offerings

Bali is a downright beautiful and great place to relax!

Balinese Home Compound

The Balinese honor their ancestors daily in their family’s home temple. It is difficult for

most Balinese to move because all their ancestors are buried in their private family plot.

Families often live near one another to be close to their ancestors and each other. People often move to cities for school and work, but there’s never a question about where their real home is.

A Balinese Home Temple A view across a Balinese town Flowers seem to grow everywhere in Bali

The Balinese are artistic by nature. You will find people creating paintings, carvings, offerings, music, and delicious foods everywhere you turn. During our week on Bali, we were often in awe of of the many talents and the kindly spirit of the Balinese.

A few examples of Balinese art

Artistic nature...even in their food!

Balinese artistic nature is evident everywhere!

Jocean joined us for part of our stay on Bali. We enjoyed spending time with some of our longtime friends, including Bryn Davidson, who is living on Bali for a year.

We reminisced about a dear Balinese friend who is no longer with us but also had many laughs together.

Sadly, Bali is not without its challenges. It’s hotter and drier than ever before. And it

seems Bali is being over-loved; their roads are jammed with tourists wanting to taste a

bit of this delightful place. I wish there was more effective planning for ways to accommodate growth in a sustainable way!

We avoid the southern part of Bali because of the crowds These chickens had no idea what they are in for :(

Despite these challenges, I know we’ll be back……for Ubud’s incredible Yoga Barn, where every day is a yoga festival. During our next visit,

we plan to explore the less crowded northern and western parts of Bali. As always, we

will return to Bali’s cultural hub, Ubud, but mostly, we'll be back to be near its

thoughtful, kind-hearted people.

Bali's Yoga Barn is world famous for its excellent quality and

broad range of classes taught each day. I enjoyed trying out This Balinese man made a morning offering

many classes there! by our hotel room everyday

John and I with Jocean Yoda at the Yoga Barn

When we arrived home, there was a crispness to the air. Fall is here! This means fall color,

soccer seasons are wrapping up and there are all kinds of festivities like jog-a-thons and of course Halloween!

Lodges Ekoligica always celebrates Halloween in a big way.

Loomis Loonies Quilters Their beautiful creations

Our dear friends, the “Loomis Loonies,” spent another week at the Flower Farm Inn quilting away, laughing, and telling the best of stories. These wonderful women have been our guests each fall since 2012, so by now, they’re a part of our family.

These wonderful fall days make me realize that traveling is wonderful but there’s no place like home!

We wish you and yours the very best this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season!

Beautiful Autumn!

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Feb 09

We enjoy reading about your many world adventures! Jim and Imi Hirschinger😃

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