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Flower Farm's Pumpkin Patch



We are excited to host another year of the amazingly fun fall events!

The entire month of October is packed with contests, crafts, workshops and more that you won't want to miss.


Hours of Operation:

Pumpkin Patch:  Thursday - Monday from 10am - 5pm

Games and Fun:  To begin Friday September 30th; Super Pets Pumpkin People

Family Fun Activities:

  • A pumpkin patch filled with pumpkins and gourds of many shapes and sizes. 

  • Pumpkin People Theme: Super Pets

  • Lots of Halloween Games, Scavenger Hunt and more!

Pumpkin People: Super Pets

Super Pets have arrived at the farm!

                    Enjoy these fun activities:


  • Wander the Cafe gardens and see what the Super Pets are up to

  • Answer our silly riddles in our scavenger hunt

  • Enjoy our baby gypsy chicks located in front of the gift shop

  • play many Halloween games

  • Take some photos in your favorite spots

***Updated September 30th, 2022***

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pumpkin patch
Pumpkin people 2
Water Wild Thing
Wild Things 2
Bella Wild Things
funny graveyard
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