Lodges Ekologika on Portibi Farms



The founders of the Flower Farm, the Bowler family, have always had a passion for good food, adventure and community. 


Twenty years ago, one of the Bowlers got lost in Indonesia and kept going back. 


Now John and Annie Bowler’s oldest son Jocean, his wife Ayu, and their kids Nazla, Howi, & Alma work together on their organic farm, making fantastic salads & beautiful ecological structures while enjoying the tropical rainforest growing back around them. 


Similar to the Flower Farm, Portibi Farm is also about holding onto old cycles of farming, fine craftmanship and creating a remarakble place to gather with friends and family.


The farm has custom crafted, recycled teak bungalows, a campground and solar powered rice barns for guests; delicious farm cuisine is included with all stays.  It’s located on the side of a mountain south of Jakarta, Indonesia.


Feel free to read about us, visit our site or contact us for more information. 




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